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futago-no-haha-seihonnou Featured

Futago no Haha Seihonnou

Title: Futago no Haha Seihonnou Japanese Title: 双子(フタゴ)ノ母(ハハ)性本能 Synonyms: Menage a Twins Episodes: 2 Released Date: May 25, 2005 till August 25, 2005 Brand: Milky Based on erotic game by G.J? One day, Minoru received an e-mail...

Furueru Kuchibiru Featured

Furueru Kuchibiru

Title: Furueru Kuchibiru Japanese Title: フルエルクチビル Alternative Title: Fuzzy Lips Episodes: 2 Released Date: Apr 25, 2014 till Jun 27, 2014 Based on doujin comic by inu.

Front Innocent: Mou Hitotsu no Lady Innocent

Front Innocent: Mou Hitotsu no Lady Innocent

Title: Front Innocent: Mou Hitotsu no Lady Innocent Japanese Title: フロントイノセント ~もうひとつのレディイノセント~ Synonyms: Another Lady Innocent Total Episodes: 1 Released Date: Mar 10, 2005 Based on Urushihara Satoshi’s artbook Lady Innocent. During the Civil War,...

Flashback Game Featured

Flashback Game

Title: Flashback Game Japanese Title: フラッシュバックゲーム Synonyms: Flash Back Game, Flashback Episodes: 3 Released Date: Oct 18, 2001 till Apr 18, 2002 Mizuho, Noriko and Yuri set out on an exciting beauty spa vacation that...

Five Card Featured

Five Card

Title: Five Card Japanese Title: ファイブカード Episodes: 4 Released Date: September 28, 2000 till August 28, 2001 Brand: Five Ways Based on erotic game by Cross Net. Daina Nariyuki, a sexy, young, English teacher, is...

Fairy Forest Remi-chan Featured

Fairy Forest Remi-chan

Title: Fairy Forest Remi-chan Japanese Title: フェアリーフォレスト レミちゃん Episodes: 1 Released Date: Apr 21, 2000 Take a mystical journey to an enchanted forest where this fairy will fulfill your every sexual desire… But will his...

Etsuraku no Tane The AnimationFeatured

Etsuraku no Tane The Animation

Title: Etsuraku no Tane The Animation Japanese Title: 悦楽の胤 THE ANIMATION Episodes: 1 Released Date: April 3, 2015 Brand: Mitsu Based on the game by WendyBell. A tentacle monster that feeds on girl cum takes over...

Endless Serenade Featured

Endless Serenade

Title: Endless Serenade Japanese Title: エンドレス セレナーデ Episodes: 1 Released Date: Apr 14, 2000 Based on the visual novel by DISKDREAM. Yuji can’t deny it —he’s infatuated with Satsuki. She’s the center of his every...