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A Size Classmate Featured Image

A Size Classmate

Title: A Size Classmate Japanese Title: Aサイズ クラスメイト Episodes: 2 Released Date: February 5, 2016 till April 1, 2016 Brand: chippai Based on the adult manga by Kou Okada.

A Kite

Title: A Kite Episodes: 2 Released Date: Feb 25, 1998 till Mar 22, 1998 Sawa is a school girl, an orphan, and an assassin. She is being controlled by a corrupt cop who gives her...

Kodomo no Jikan Featured image

A Forbidden Time

Title: Kodomo no Jikan Japanese Title: こどもの時間 Synonyms: A Forbidden Time Total Episodes: 7 Released Date: December 16, 2000 till December 18, 2002 Brand: Five Ways Based on manga by Gotou, Akira. Yuki was responsible...

21-ji no Onna Newscaster Katsuragi Miki Featured image

21-ji no Onna: Newscaster Katsuragi Miki

Title: 21-ji no Onna: Newscaster Katsuragi Miki Japanese Title: 21時の女~ニュースキャスター桂木美紀~ Synonyms: Nine O’clock Woman, 9 o’clock Woman Episodes: 3 Released Date: Apr 21, 2001 till Nov 21, 2001 Miki Katsuragi has finally landed her dream...

15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki Featured Image

15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki

Title: 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki Japanese Title: 15美少女漂流記OVA Synonyms: The Story of 15 Beautiful Girls Adrift Episodes: 3 Released Date: Aug 3, 2009 till May 2, 2011 Centers on 15 young students who are stranded on...

300 Yen no Otsukiai Anime Edition

Title: 300 Yen no Otsukiai Anime Edition Japanese Title: 300円のおつきあい Anime Edition Synonyms: 300 En no Otsukiai Anime Edition Episodes: 1 Released Date: September 2, 2016 Brand: chippai Adaptation from the manga of the same name.

Bible Black Featured image

Bible Black

Title: Bible Black Japanese Title: バイブルブラック Synonyms: Bible Black: Night of the Walpulgiss Episodes: 6 Released Date: Jul 21, 2001 till Jun 25, 2003 Minase, a high school student, found a book of magic in...

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Hello everyone we are sorry that we weren’t online for more than 24 hours but all our servers went down and we were forced to move to another server. Or bad luck and we didn’t...