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Parade Parade

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Parade Parade

Title: Parade Parade
Japanese Title: パレードパレード
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Apr 26, 1996 till Jul 26, 1996

Based on the manga by Akifuji Satoshi (あきふじさとし)

Kaori is a very popular idol singer. She is just finishing her first live tour. However, this innocent-looking girl hides a secret that makes her not-so-innocent. You see, Kaori is actually intersexed (or, in less medical terms, a “hermaphrodite”). She has two sets of “parts”. Only her manager and lover, Yuko, is aware of this. A rival idol singer and lesbian who appears to have known Yuko in her past, Saki, is also about to find out. If word of Kaori’s secret ever gets out, her career will be finished.


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