Reconstructing the site

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Hello everyone and welcome.

Here are some news and updates for the site.

Relinking and adding new content

Duo the problems whit sites like OpenLoad and GoUnlimited we are currently having problems whit the streaming. Or better sad about 80% of videos on the site are currently offline.

We have tested and a few sites for streaming services but most of them didn’t fulfill our expectations, because of that we didn’t upload or relink any of our content in the following few months because what’s the point of reuploading if it goes offline in just a couple of days.

Currently, we are thinking that we have fount the optional solution for that and we will be adding streaming links on a fast pace of at least 300 videos monthly until we add everything we have. And we have plantly of hentai videos.

Reconstructing the site

In the following months while testing we changed the template of the site and added a few things. While testing the theme and the new features of the site we realized that we need to change much more than just the way the site looks but also the way it’s been used.

We will be reconstructing the following things on the site:

  • Videos won’t be in tabs any longer;
  • Every episode will be separate from now on;
  • Download links won’t be hyperlinks on buttons like now;
  • We won’t use link shorteners anymore;
  • We will make a separate post whit the video plot;
  • Screenshots will be included in every video post (A thumbnail preview)
  • We will change the way we share manga and add more download links
  • A category for 3D Videos will be added as well

Ads on the site

We know that you don’t like annoying ads like PopAds and push notification but we need to make a living as well so please add our site to your white list. If you want to use the AdBlockers at least donate to [email protected] via PayPal.


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