Sorry Servers went down

Servers Down Hentai

Hello everyone we are sorry that we weren’t online for more than 24 hours but all our servers went down and we were forced to move to another server.

Or bad luck and we didn’t have any back ups so everything is gone we will do our best to bring everything back and also to improve the site in the main time because we already started to do changes but this will be like starting from a clean sheet everything from scratch faster and better.

Our currently servers are faster and better and we will try our best to keep it that way.

Again we are sorry that all our content is gone but we will try our best to bring everything back in the following month or two whit some additional features on the site and more hentai images from now on as well as other animations that aren’t translated and some manga.

Love you all don’t forget that we are still here and we will try to be a stronger, better, and faster site than we were before this Server brake down.

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