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Welcome to our support us page. This is created so we can explain you how you can support our work or better sad this site. 

This site is mostly financed personally and we don’t plan to ask you for money for using this site we added some features for you to support us. You can read everything bellow on how to support our site. 


If you want to help us stay alive or just want to support our work you can always donate some founds on PayPal, Neteller, Payza, or BitCoin bellow you can find all the options so feel free to donate we thank you in advance. 


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You can donate as much as you want to us on the following e-mail [email protected]
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We are using ads like banners on this site and please note that this is the main income for the site just like any other site we need found so if you see something interesting please click on the ads we are depending on the revenue the site creates trough ads.

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We know they are anoying and you don’t like them but we need the money for hosting and domain and that’s the main reason they are there we are keeping it on a minimum whit those ads so please don’t use AdBlocks on this site.

If you want to support this site and can’t donate or anything similar like that please click on one of the links bellow or all of them.

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