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Daiakuji: The Xena Buster

Daiakuji: The Xena Buster

Title: Daiakuji: The Xena Buster Japanese Title: 大悪司 Episodes: 6 Released Date: Nov 27, 2003 till May 27, 2005 Based on a game by Alice Soft Wimy was a female supremacist country, which was trying...

Ai Shimai 2 Futari no Kajitsu Featured

Ai Shimai 2: Futari no Kajitsu

Title: Ai Shimai 2: Futari no Kajitsu Japanese Title: 愛姉妹2 ~二人の果実~ Synonyms: Immoral Sisters 2 Total Episodes: 2 Released Date: Feb 28, 2003 till May 23, 2003 Rumi and Tomoko’s father has returned, but he...