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Himekishi Lilia Featured

Himekishi Lilia

Title: Himekishi Lilia Japanese Title: 姫騎士リリア Total Episodes: 6 Released Date: June 2, 2006 till July 30, 2010 Brand: Pixy Based on the game by Black Lilith. Princess Lilia is next in line for taking over...

Haitoku no Shoujo Featured

Haitoku no Shoujo

Title: Haitoku no Shoujo Japanese Title: 背徳の少女 Synonyms: Family of Debauchery Episodes: 2 Released Date: Sep 18, 2001 till Jan 18, 2002 The girls of the Saegusa family are always on the lookout for a...

Blood Royale Featured

Blood Royale

Title: Blood Royale Japanese Title: ブラッドロイヤル Total Episodes: 2 Released Date: Aug 30, 2002 till Nov 29, 2002 Based on the game by Cherry Soft A perverted pirate sails the seven seas, armed with a...