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Houkago Nureta Seifuku Featured

Houkago: Nureta Seifuku

Title: Houkago: Nureta Seifuku Japanese Title: 放課後 ~濡れた制服~ Synonyms: After Class Lesson Episodes: 3 Released Date: January 25, 2005 till September 25, 2005 Brand: Milky Based on a game by Bishop. Shibui Ryuji is a...

Houkago Nyan Nyan Featured

Houkago Nyan Nyan

Title: Houkago Nyan Nyan Japanese Title: 放課後にゃんにゃん Synonyms: Houkago Nyan Nyan Episodes: 1 Released Date: Dec 16, 2011 The first story is about an unnamed schoolgirl who has heard a lot about sex, but lacks...

Houkago 2: Saiyuri

Houkago 2: Saiyuri

Title: Houkago 2: Saiyuri Japanese Title: 放課後2 ~紗由理~ Episodes: 1 Released Date: July 25, 2008 Brand: Nihikime no Dozeu Prequel: Houkago 2 The Animation Based on a game by Bishop. Ryuichi’s first sex doesn’t go well and...

Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei Featured

Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei

Title: Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei Japanese Title: 炎の孕ませ転校生 Total Episodes: 3 Released Date: Oct 27, 2006 till Jul 27, 2007 The main character, Tatsuya Tagami, has an ambition of World Conquest, and the first step...

Honoo no Haramase Paidol My Star Gakuen Z The Animation Featured

Honoo no Haramase Paidol My Star Gakuen Z The Animation

Title: Honoo no Haramase Paidol My Star Gakuen Z The Animation Japanese Title: 炎の孕ませ乳(パイ)ドルマイ★スター学園Z THE ANIMATION Episodes: 1 Released Date: April 24, 2015 Brand: Pink Pineapple Same setting: Honoo no Haramase Doukyuusei, Honoo no Haramase Motto! Hatsuiku! Karada...

Hitozuma Life One Time Gal Featured

Hitozuma Life: One Time Gal

Title: Hitozuma Life: One Time Gal Japanese Title: ヒトヅマライフ ワンタイムギャル Episodes: 2 Released Date: September 8, 2017 till December 8, 2017 Brand: EDGE Based on manga by Shinozuka Yuuji.

Hitozuma Koukan Nikki

Hitozuma Koukan Nikki

Title: Hitozuma Koukan Nikki Japanese Title: 人妻交姦日記 Synonyms: Wife-Swap Diaries Episodes: 2 Released Date: Jul 10, 2009 till Oct 9, 2009 Based on erotic game by Anim. Kouichi lives a happy life with his wife,...

Hitozuma Kasumi-san Featured

Hitozuma Kasumi-san

Title: Hitozuma Kasumi-san Japanese Title: 人妻♪かすみさん Synonyms: The Hills Have Size Total Episodes: 2 Released Date: December 9, 2005 till April 14, 2006 Brand: MUSE Based on the erotic game by Tinker Bell. Ryouji has always...

Hitozuma Cosplay Kissa Featured

Hitozuma Cosplay Kissa

Title: Hitozuma Cosplay Kissa Japanese Title: 人妻コスプレ喫茶 Synonyms: Cosplay Cafe Total Episodes: 2 Released Date: March 25, 2004 till August 25, 2004 Brand: Milky Alternative Setting: Hitozuma Cosplay Kissa 2: Hitozuma LoveLove – Cosplay OVA Tomoya Asahina...