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Hinagiku Virgin Lost Club e Youkoso

Hinagiku Virgin Lost Club e Youkoso

Title: Hinagiku Virgin Lost Club e Youkoso Japanese Title: ヒナギクヴァージンロストクラブへようこそ Episodes: Released Date: March 15, 2019 till Brand: Queen Bee Based on manga by Akatsuki Myuuto.

Himekishi Lilia Featured

Himekishi Lilia

Title: Himekishi Lilia Japanese Title: 姫騎士リリア Total Episodes: 6 Released Date: June 2, 2006 till July 30, 2010 Brand: Pixy Based on the game by Black Lilith. Princess Lilia is next in line for taking over...

Himekishi Angelica Featured

Himekishi Angelica

Title: Himekishi Angelica Japanese Title: 姫騎士アンジェリカ Episodes: 2 Released Date: Jan 25, 2008 till Jul 25, 2008 Based on the game by Silky’s. A clever and ambitious man is able to take over a kingdom...


HHH Triple Ecchi

Title: HHH Triple Ecchi Japanese Title: トリプルエッチ♥ Total Episodes: 4 Released Date: November 26, 2010 till February 3, 2012 Brand: Mary Jane Based on the manga by Distance.

Hatsu Inu The Animation Featured

Hatsu Inu The Animation

Title: Hatsu Inu The Animation Japanese Title: 初犬 The Animation Total Episodes: 2 Released Date: May 25, 2007 till Jul 27, 2007 Based on the manga by Inu. By chance, Fukaya became the lover of...

Haha Sange

Haha Sange

Title: Haha Sange Japanese Title: 義母散華 Synonyms: Step MILF Episodes: 2 Released Date: Feb 12, 2010 till May 14, 2010 Tomonori was enjoying a normal school life when his mother fell ill and passed away....


Green Eyes: Ane Kyun! yori The Animation

Title: Green Eyes: Ane Kyun! yori The Animation Japanese Title: グリーン・アイズ -姉キュン! より- THE ANIMATION Episodes: 1 Released Date: February 3, 2017 Brand: BOOTLEG Other: Ane Kyun!: Joshi ga Ie ni Kita!, Iizuka-senpai x Blazer:...

Gogo no Kouchou Junai Mellow yori Featured

Gogo no Kouchou: Junai Mellow yori

Title: Gogo no Kouchou: Junai Mellow yori Japanese Title: 午後の紅潮 ~純愛メロウより~ Total Episodes: 1 Released Date: September 21, 2012 Brand: Pashmina Other: Soushi Souai: Junai Mellow yori Based on the manga Junai Mellow by Jun....

Gibomai Featured


Title: Gibomai Japanese Title: 犠母妹 Synonyms: Step Sister, Stepsister Episodes: 2 Released Date: Oct 25, 2002 till Mar 28, 2003 Based on a game by Selen A renowned painter dies of heart disease while being...