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Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru Kanojo

Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru Kanojo

Title: Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru Kanojo Japanese Title: 陰湿オタクにイカれる妹[彼女] Episodes: 3 Released Date: Jun 24, 2011 till Nov 18, 2011 Based on a doujin game by Pin-Point. Shuji lives a peaceful life with his younger...

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Title: Inko Japanese Title: 淫娘 ~いんこ~ Synonyms: The Sleazy Family (2) Episodes: 3 Released Date: Jul 29, 2005 to Nov 18, 2005 Meanwhile, over at the hamburger shop, kinky doings are transpiring. The manager likes...

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Title: Inbo Japanese Title: 淫母 ~いんぼ~ Synonyms: The Sleazy Family (1) Episodes: 3 Released Date: Jul 29, 2005 till Nov 18, 2005 Everyone knows that the family that plays together, stays together. Especially when it’s...

Ijou Chitai: Jikken Dorei

Ijou Chitai: Jikken Dorei

Title: Ijou Chitai: Jikken Dorei Japanese Title: 異常痴態 Episodes: 2 Released Date: Dec 16, 2011 till Mar 23, 2012 Based on the doujin game by Pin-Point. Azusa owns an apartment with one remaining tenant. Afraid...

Harukoi Otome Featured

Harukoi Otome

Title: Harem Time The Animation Japanese Title: ハーレムタイム THE ANIMATION Total Episodes: 2 Released Date: Oct 26, 2012 till Jan 25, 2013 Based on a manga by Tosh. Satou Reiji’s life changed when his real...

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Title: Futabu!! Japanese Title: ふた部!! Episodes: 2 Released Date: Feb 20, 2015 till May 1, 2015 Based on the adult manga by BOSSHI.

Futabu--screenshot-3 Featured


Title: Futabu! Japanese Title: ふた部! Episodes: 2 Released Date: Feb 21, 2014 till May 2, 2014 Based on the adult doujin by BOSSHI.

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Discode: Ijou Seiai

Title: Discode: Ijou Seiai Japanese Title: DISCODE 異常性愛 Episodes: 3 Released Date: Aug 13, 2004 till May 27, 2005 Based on a game by Courreges Going through life is hard enough for a coed at...

Discipline Zero Featured

Discipline Zero

Title: Discipline Zero Japanese Title: DISCIPLINE零(ゼロ) Synonyms: Discipline Rei Episodes: 2 Released Date: Jan 29, 2010 till Jun 25, 2010 Based on the game by Active The hit series Discipline is revived with this new...

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Title: Discipline Japanese Title: ディシプリン Synonyms: Discipline: The Hentai Academy Episodes: 6 Released Date: Apr 11, 2003 till Dec 17, 2004 Based on a game by Active. It felt like heaven when Hayami Takurou first...